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Retirement Age: 55

General Provisions & Conditions of a WRAP Account:

i. The Plan minimum contributory period is ten (10) years.

ii. The Plan minimum retirement age is 55 and maximum age is 65.

iii. The Plan holder must indicate a retirement age between the range of minimum 55 to maximum 65 years at the time of completing application and is subject to the plan holder contributing for the minimum contributory period of 10 years.

iv. The maximum age to qualify under the Plan is 55 years.

v. The contributions is redeemed at retirement or paid to the beneficiary/(ies) of the Plan holder at death. The Plan allows each Plan holder two (2) beneficiaries, and the name & ID of the beneficiaries must be provided at the time of completing application.

vi. Interest is paid on the 5th of every month.

vii. The account provides for monthly compounding of contributions plus interest.

viii. Upon retirement, the Plan pays a full one-time lump sum encashment.

ix. Closure of a WRAP account prior to the minimum contributory period shall result in a refund of 50% of all interest payments paid over the years invested in the Plan. In addition, an administrative fee of $250 shall be applied.

x. A plan holder who dies before the stipulated retirement age or become terminally ill, the account will be closed, and proceeds shall be made payable to the beneficiaries or plan holder respectively. In such cases, NCBA shall waive the penalties. Evidence of death or illness must be provided.
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