Term Deposit

Personal Banking

NCBA’s Term Deposits offer a fixed savings plan over a longer period of time

Term Deposit Account

Sit back and watch your money grow with a Term Deposit. NCBA’s Term Deposits pay attractive interest quarterly, semi-annually or annually. You may open Term Deposits for terms of three months to two years. Rates paid to you on large deposits for short periods are negotiable and are usually determined by the rate of interest the Bank can obtain in the international market for like size deposits and terms.

Use as Collateral

Can be used as collateral for loans or overdrafts

Invest Safely

Safe investment which guarantees high financial returns

Earn Interest

Higher interest rate as deposit amount and term increases

Apply Online

Ready to get started? Apply online, it's quick and easy.

Automatic Rollover

Hassle free -Automatic rollover if renewal instructions are not received

Deposit Certificate

Certificate presented upon opening of the account

Flexible Interest

Interest available in whole or part upon renewal of the Term Deposit

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